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Clinical Laboratory Analysis

CDC Clinical Analysis Laboratory Services consist of:
  • 2 General Laboratories, 1 with Specialised Sectors in Clinical Chemistry Toxicology, Cyto-histopathology, Hematology, Medical Genetics, Microbiology and Seroimmunology and Molecular Biology
  • 21 Sampling Points

The General Laboratory with Specialised Sectors has a Category A Accreditation by the Piedmont Region and meets the highest general and specific organizational structural and procedural requirements provided by the sector.

The Clinical Analysis Laboratory Sector is distinguished by the quality and completeness of the specialised studies performed and for the execution of more than 1,000 tests, from routine analysis to the most innovative, including Medical Genetics and Molecular Biological.

CDC Clinical Analysis Laboratory Services avails itself on the collaboration of a highly qualified staff, whose professionalism is guaranteed by a comprehensive training program and professional updating, thanks to the implementation of internal and external training for CME credits in the Laboratory sectors.

The procuring and collection of samples are carried out following specific procedures to ensure the protection of the Patient and the proper execution of the examinations.

Patients’ biological samples are identified and continuously tracked throughout the entire process that begins at the front desk and continues into the testing room, passing through the analytical process up until the final report. The report is given a unique barcode containing the full name of the Patient, as well as the clinical indications and investigations requested by the Patient's General Practitioner.

In all areas of the Clinical Analysis Laboratory, CDC shall implement a Quality Assurance Program which provides for the adoption of internal control procedures which are subjected to daily reviews as well as the participation in external quality circuits (formed with the Careggi Polyclinic - Regional Centre of S.O.D. Laboratory Safety and Quality - Certified Structure UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 and with the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (National Institute of Health) which partner with National and International Laboratories.

Modern technologies and the prompt execution of examinations allow reports delivered to the Patient and communication for any pathological examination with the General Practitioner on the same day.


The transport service of biological samples is carried out directly from CDC with newly acquired vehicles exclusively for this use.

The vehicles are equipped with refrigeration units (LMK 1.2E) with polyurethane foam insulation and sanitizable surfaces, and equipped with a storage temperature control system (DataCOLD); the GPS system is monitorable both from the operations centre (Leasys I-Care) and from the CDC IT platform.

CDC implements an all-inclusive maintenance program that ensures continuous service and has back-up vehicles to avoid service interruptions and to handle any emergencies.